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Hiking, Museum, Gardens, & Baseball with "Visit Arizona"

April 3, 2018 by Nate Ellis.

The other day I got to follow Kristen Keogh, our Channel 12 meteorologist here in Phoenix, and explore some of the things a tourist might do while they're visiting for spring training. Spring is a pretty cool time in Phoenix. Generally, the weather is amazing. Plus, about half of MLB teams come here for spring training (the other half go to Florida). I grew up in southern California as an Angels fan, so when I first moved to Phoenix and found out I could get FRONT ROW SEATS to an Angels' game for $30, you know I was all over that. 

This was just a quick social media campaign that involved Kristen posting on the official @visitarizona and @visitphoenix Instagram accounts throughout the day. I got to do a couple things for the first time, like visit the Phoenix Art Museum, Phoenix Botanical Gardens, and a Diamondbacks Spring Training Game. All of the photography was just "run-and-gun" style, no proper setups or waiting for good light, but I think we wound up with a lot of good images. Watch the vlog below:

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